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Environmental Incidents

Environmental Incident Reporting

Environmental Incidents

Sydney Metro Airports tenants and operators are required to have an Incident Response Plan for all environmental risks associated with their operations.

At Sydney Metro Airports the most common environmental risk is those associated with spills and leaks. Further information on this risk can be obtained from Environment Information Sheet 8 – Spill Response.

All environmental incidents are to be reported to the Airport Environment Manager using the Environmental Incident Notification. Sydney Metro Airports will review and analyse this information to determine how to avoid or minimise similar incidents in the future.

This applies to all environmental incidents that occur on airport or incidents with the potential to impact the airport including those resulting in;

Soil pollution

– most often caused by chemical, paint, oil or fuel spills; but sometimes caused by disposal of metal filings or sand blasting wastes to soil.

Water pollution

– most often caused by chemical, paint, oil or fuel spills but also caused by release of aircraft or vehicle wash water to stormwater drains.

Air pollution

– normally caused by emissions of noxious or hazardous vapours from industrial processes or chemical storage facilities, but also includes the generation of significant quantities of dust.

Noise Pollution

– abnormally loud or sustained loud noise most often caused by aircraft ground engine running in inappropriate locations on the airport or construction.

Illegally dumped materials

– Includes dumped materials of any nature.

Fire damage

– particularly in natural vegetated areas (such as bushland areas on airport) or in chemical stores.

Harm or damage

 to environmentally significant areas including vegetation or wildlife, natural ecosystems, items or buildings having heritage significance.


Incidents involving a spill of greater than 5 litres, and/or spills that enter a waterway or damage an environmentally significant area should be reported immediately to the Duty Operations Officer on 0419 294 432 and notification to the Sydney Metro Airports Environment Manager on 02 8709 9409 as soon as practicable thereafter.

Environmental Incident Notification

Please fill in the electronic form below, or use the attached form to record the details of the incident and then fax or send the document to;

Sydney Metro Airports Environment Manager

Management Centre

PO Box 6450
Wetherill Park NSW 1851

Email: Bonnie Cavanough

Fax: 9791 0230



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